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We are a non for profit company limited by guarantee with a dedicated team of volunteers…

Our Mission Statement;

To research, conserve and enhance the natural and built heritage of Mountbellew and its environs, for the benefit of the area. 

Bellew House photo
The former Grattan-Bellew House in its glory days before being knocked by Galway Co Council in the 1930’s


Mountbellew Walled Garden & Amenities Project

Involves the development of the Walled Garden and adjoining woodlands in a way that will benefit the local community and promote heritage and activity-based tourism in this area.

The long term aim is to rejuvenate, conserve and develop the 18th century walled garden in Mountbellew, Co Galway. Developing this existing heritage resource will provide a new amenity for the area. It will also compliment other local heritage and recreation assets helping attract visitors to the area thus stimulating rural tourism.


Drone photo walled garden
The 4.2-acre site of the Walled Garden on the former Bellew estate.


Mountbellew – A Hidden Gem

A beautiful piece of film -shot over many moons- on what this area has to offer both locals and visitors alike! Video and Drone photography courtesy of John Walsh with Poetry narrations by Gerry Rushe.








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